"Hier spricht der Bierkapitän,
darf ich bitte mal die Bierbäuche sehen?"

… translated: “Here speaks the Beercaptain, may i see your beer bellies?”

This song has become an really big mallorca success / hit.

Looking back, the Bierkapitän is probably the greatest and most moving success story.

For the Bierkapitän, i managed all visuals, including artist logo, music video, cover artworks, websites, autograph cards and other promotional stuff.

The title (written and composed by Bierkapitän himself in 2016) recognizes several million plays after its first publication in 2018. The Bierkapitän quickly mutated (published on the newly founded label “Geile Mucke Records”) to the party hit No. 1 and developed an incredibly exciting momentum, thanks to a big audience.

Today senegalese street vendors selling captains hat, song lovers got Bierkapitän tattoos, carnival costumes are selled and fully decorated Bierkapitän carnival trains partying to this song.

Furthermore, the Bierkapitän established to the cabin hit of the German DFB U21, initiated by the young national players Marco Richter and Luca Waldschmidt. The Bierkapitän has already become a cult.




Монтажная область 14




Bierkapitän forever

When the Bierkapitän gets under your skin.
Numerous fans paid tribute to the beer captain with an tattoo. Insane!

The birth of Bierkapitän

“I wrote the song within half an hour and had two brilliant minutes from a creative and creative point of view. I was looking for a hit formula and wrote it myself: I created a figure that fits Ballermann, paired with a call to action that gives more than just “put your hands up in the air”. That’s how I came to the captain who wants to see the beer bellies.”

The Bierkapitän

RTL Explosiv about the Bierkapitän

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